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KJV Large Print Study Bible

Hudson Bible teamed with Barbour Publishing to develop a large print edition of their best-selling KJV Study Bible.

This study Bible features the full King James Version text, words of Christ in red, five thousand study notes and large print text.

Our role on this project was to complete all writing and editorial, design interior pages, and complete the full Bible typesetting.
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KJV Cross Reference System

Hudson Bible authored the cross reference system found in the KJV Cross Reference Bible published by Barbour.

To complete this project, we conducted extensive research on Bible study habits and then developed a cross reference system meets the needs of modern students. In an effort to create a resource that would be most helpful for today's Bible readers, we developed a thematic cross reference system that focuses on whole verses rather than on individual words. This unique approach stands apart in the marketplace and makes Barbour's KJV Cross Reference Bible one of a kind.

Our role on this project was to develop the concept, design the interior pages, and complete the typesetting.