Legendary Women of the Bible

Legendary Women of the Bible releases at newsstands in the USA. This bookazine is the latest release in our partnership with American Bible Society and Time Home Entertainment.

"This best-selling series helps readers connect classic, Biblical stories with modern-day life," says General Editor Christopher Hudson. "The blend of Bible text, application points, classic art and modern illustrations demonstrate ways the timeless truths of the Bible remain relevant," adds Hudson

With distribution in stores like Target, CVS, Wal-mart, Albertsons, and Walgreens, Legendary Women of the Bible reaches a wide, faith-driven market. "Readers may be curious about the Bible or already enjoy a faith of their own," Hudson says. "Connecting with them at the grocery store magazine rack is a practical way we're able to help bring the message of the Bible to today's reader."

Hudson Bible regularly creates products that reach the faith-driven market.  According to Faith Driven Consumer.com, the faith-driven market in the United States is eager for resources that focus on the Bible. They claim that 41 million Americans (17% of the adult population) belong to the faith-driven market, which spends $2 trillion dollars annually.

Hudson Bible fulfilled the following roles in creating Legendary Women of the Bible:
  • Concept creation
  • Product outline
  • Manuscript creation
  • Complete editorial
  • Interior design
  • Prepress services
Below are sample spreads from Legendary Women of the Bible.