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Hudson & Associates Rebrands

Hudson & Associates has been rebranded to Hudson Bible.

"The name change reflects our company focus on God's word and delivering product that help people read, engage, and apply the Bible," says company president Christopher Hudson.

Since launching in 2006 Hudson Bible has focused on Bible-related projects including study guides, study Bibles, commentaries, and devotional books.

Hudson Bible is a full-service, Christian company that authors books and provides publishers with editorial, design and typesetting services.

Jesus: 89 Inspiring Ways to Know Christ

Jesus: 89 Inspiring Ways to Know Christ is our latest release in THE BIBLE series. This special edition magazine is on sale in Kmart, Target, Walgreens, CVS, gas stations, grocery stores and wherever magazines are sold.

This special edition magazine exalts Jesus by giving an overview of 89 names and attributes described in the Bible. 

Our role on this edition was to invent the concept, write, edit, design, and complete layouts.  This special edition was published by Time Home Entertainment.

Below are four sample spreads from the project.