Illustrated Guide to Bible Battles

The Illustrated Guide to Bible Battles is the latest book in Barbour's popular-reference line. 

This 288-page book outlines the backgrounds, weapons, and strategies of every battle mentioned in the Bible. Each battle is visualized with a map, photos of ancient weapons, and text that explains each war and skirmish.

The publisher adds this description:
War is a reality of human history—even in Bible times. This readable reference shows you how dozens of biblical battles fit into the overall storyline of scripture. From familiar accounts such as Joshua s conquest of Jericho to lesser-known engagements—including some extra-biblical battles that helped shape Bible history—The Illustrated Guide to Bible Battles provides fascinating background and overviews, colorful photos and maps, and an explanation of God s role in each. Key players, weaponry, and both short- and long-term outcomes of each battle are also described, making The Illustrated Guide to Bible Battles an all-in-one resource for anyone interested in this aspect of scriptural history.

Our role on this project was to work with the author to create an outline, provide editorial support, complete photo research, and finalize page layouts. 

Sample spreads: