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Illustrated A to Z Guide to Bible People

Barbour publishing has revised and released a new edition of Christopher D. Hudson's book originally published in 2009. 

Previously titled Fascinating People of the Bible, this new edition was updated and illustrated by the publisher.

Women of the Bible

Extraordinary Women of the Bible is the latest bookazine edition created by Hudson Bible for Time Home Entertainment and the American Bible Society. 

This special edition magazine is on sale at newsstands in the US and Canada. Copies are available at big box stores, gas stations, grocery stores and wherever magazines are sold. 

Articles include:
*  Founding Mothers: Eight Women Who Shaped the Biblical Story
* Women of Courage: Three Women Who Demonstrated Bravery in a Man’s World
* The Chosen: Five Women Whose Names Appear in the Genealogy of Jesus 
* The Prophets: Three Women Who Served as God’s Messengers 
* The Wicked: Four Women Who Embraced Evil 
* The New Era Women: Eight Women Who Served the Early Church through Evangelism and Discipleship

Each lesson contains fascinating profiles of Bible women and powerful life lessons that are applicable today.

Our role on this project was complete development from concept to finished disk. We worked together with American Bible Society and the publisher to create a title that is biblically sound, beautifully illustrated, and wonderfully relevant to women today.