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Heaven & Hell: Are They Real?

Heaven & Hell: Are They Real? is the first book authored by Christopher D. Hudson for Thomas Nelson publishers since 2001.

This book will help readers answer their top 60+ questions on Heaven and Hell. Answers are biblically-based with contributions from great writers, pastors, and thinkers such as J.I. Packer, Billy Graham, Francis Chan, John Piper and Randy Alcorn.

Questions answered include:
• Will heaven be interesting?
• Will we have jobs in heaven?
• Is there sex in heaven?
• Does hell really exist?
• What does an eternity in hell feel like?
• If I’m in heaven, will I see people in hell?

Facebook and social media played a large part in this book's development and release. During the development phase of this book, thousands of questions were collected by readers and a month-long, online Bible study helped readers interact with the the content as the book released.

Hudson last contributed to a Thomas Nelson book in 2001 with Extreme Answers to Extreme Questions. He also served as the General Editor for the Extreme Teen Bible in 1999. That special youth edition of the Bible sold over 1 million copies.

Heaven & Hell: Are They Real? is currently on sale in paperback form and can be found here.