Beginners Bible Preschool Curriculum

Our work developing The Beginners Bible preschool curriculum blended our skills at brand extension, curriculum writing, and early childhood education.

Our team of children's writers, project managers, and educational consultants created 30 lessons that provide preschool classes with an easy to use overview of the Bible.

"We're humbled when publishers entrust their A-level brands to us," says Christopher Hudson. "We're committed to developing a clear, biblical message with the voice of an existing brand. Sometimes we do that work for an author that needs a ghost writer and sometimes it's a publisher's brand that needs extending."

The Beginners Bible was originally published twenty years ago and has sold over 6 million copies. The Beginners Bible curriculum is available through bookstores. It can also be found here.

30 Books Typeset in First Quarter 2014

Hudson Bible completed the typesetting of 30 books in the first quarter of 2014. With approximately 7,000 pages typeset this quarter, our team has worked on Bibles, self-published titles, ministry projects and large publishers' A-list books from authors such as Les & Leslie Parrott and Ralph Reed. 

"Our production team is very talented, very fast, and very flexible," says Christopher Hudson, president of Hudson Bible. "Typesetting really highlights our strength in project management as we submit projects on time, on budget, and with the highest level of quality."

"Some projects end with traditional printing, some head toward print on demand, and others need ebook conversion," Hudson adds.

With projects ranging from full-color bookazine work for Time to non-fiction best-sellers for Worthy Publishers, our team works round the clock to ensure projects are completed according to each publisher's specifications.

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Heaven & Hell: Are They Real?

Heaven & Hell: Are They Real? is the first book authored by Christopher D. Hudson for Thomas Nelson publishers since 2001.

This book will help readers answer their top 60+ questions on Heaven and Hell. Answers are biblically-based with contributions from great writers, pastors, and thinkers such as J.I. Packer, Billy Graham, Francis Chan, John Piper and Randy Alcorn.

Questions answered include:
• Will heaven be interesting?
• Will we have jobs in heaven?
• Is there sex in heaven?
• Does hell really exist?
• What does an eternity in hell feel like?
• If I’m in heaven, will I see people in hell?

Facebook and social media played a large part in this book's development and release. During the development phase of this book, thousands of questions were collected by readers and a month-long, online Bible study helped readers interact with the the content as the book released.

Hudson last contributed to a Thomas Nelson book in 2001 with Extreme Answers to Extreme Questions. He also served as the General Editor for the Extreme Teen Bible in 1999. That special youth edition of the Bible sold over 1 million copies.

Heaven & Hell: Are They Real? is currently on sale in paperback form and can be found here.

The Bible: 50 New Ways It Can Change Your Life

This spring we released The Bible: 50 New Ways it Can Change Your Life. This special edition magazine was released for mass distribution across the United States and Canada. This title sold out at many local locations including:

* Wal-Mart
* Target
* Krogers
* White Hen Pantry
* Piggly Wiggly
* Barnes & Noble
* many gas stations and grocery stores

This 96-page bookazine features articles including:
* #7 Never throw the first stone
* #12  Don't let the sun go down on your anger
* #15 Keep sex sacred
* #26 Give generously
* #32 How can I find my purpose?
* #37 Keep your eyes Pure

This best-selling magazine was a follow up to The Bible: 50 Ways It Can Change Your Life which sold out across the country during the summer of 2013. Both editions were published and sold by Time Home Entertainment, Inc. (The original title can still be purchased here.)

Our role on each of these bookazines is to provide every step from concept to finished disk. Our team completed the following: 
* Create the concept
* Write the outline
* Develop, write, and edit all content
* Complete all page layout
* Design cover and packaging
* Finalize all color correction and prepress work

Click here to learn more about our series with Time that includes over one million books in print.

The Complete Bible Companion

This new, 700 page book from Barbour Publishing offers a complete Bible study library for those looking to study God's word. This volume contains:

* Timelines
* Bible Handbook Information
* Dictionary/Concordance
* Maps of the Bible lands
* Guide on How to Study the Bible
* Bible Reading Plans

In partnership with Barbour publishing, contributed the Bible handbook information as well as the maps of the Holy Lands. 

The book is for sale wherever books are sold. Here is the link to Amazon is dedicated to helping publishers create books and Bible study tools that help people read, engage, and apply the Bible.