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Navigating the Bible

When our research team asked people, "Why don't you read the Bible?" two answers rose to the top of the list:

1. "I don't know where to start."
2. "I don't understand what I read."

Because of this need, we created Navigating the Bible with Barbour Publishing. This 288-page book provides a short introduction for every section of the Bible.

The book includes 5-minute overviews, useful maps, colorful profiles, and a running timelines that appear on every page.

The role of on this project was to create the outline, develop the manuscript, design the interior pages, and complete illustration work, art research, and typesetting.

Learn more about the book at
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Jesus Bible from ZonderKidz

Our creative, editorial team developed the Jesus Bible for ZonderKidz, which released February 2014. This Bible is designed to show young readers how to find Christ in every book of the Bible. 

This Bible includes:
* The full, NIV Bible Text
* 365 Daily Devotions that reveal Christ in every part of the Bible
* 66 Book introductions that provide an overview of each Bible book and show where Jesus can be found in each book
* 100 Live Like Jesus Notes that help readers apply Christ to their life.
* 100+ Prophecy notes which highlight the biggest Messianic prophecies and fulfillments found throughout the Bible.

Designed for readers between the ages 8-12, this Bible will help everyone follow the main storyline of the Bible: The Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Role
The team at helped ZonderKidz refine the product concept, created all content, and consulted on the design.  ZonderKidz is the children's division of Zondervan (a HarperCollins company).

Learn more about this special project here.