Legendary Women of the Bible

Legendary Women of the Bible releases at newsstands in the USA. This bookazine is the latest release in our partnership with American Bible Society and Time Home Entertainment.

"This best-selling series helps readers connect classic, Biblical stories with modern-day life," says General Editor Christopher Hudson. "The blend of Bible text, application points, classic art and modern illustrations demonstrate ways the timeless truths of the Bible remain relevant," adds Hudson

With distribution in stores like Target, CVS, Wal-mart, Albertsons, and Walgreens, Legendary Women of the Bible reaches a wide, faith-driven market. "Readers may be curious about the Bible or already enjoy a faith of their own," Hudson says. "Connecting with them at the grocery store magazine rack is a practical way we're able to help bring the message of the Bible to today's reader."

Hudson Bible regularly creates products that reach the faith-driven market.  According to Faith Driven Consumer.com, the faith-driven market in the United States is eager for resources that focus on the Bible. They claim that 41 million Americans (17% of the adult population) belong to the faith-driven market, which spends $2 trillion dollars annually.

Hudson Bible fulfilled the following roles in creating Legendary Women of the Bible:
  • Concept creation
  • Product outline
  • Manuscript creation
  • Complete editorial
  • Interior design
  • Prepress services
Below are sample spreads from Legendary Women of the Bible.

Five Love Languages for Men

Hudson Bible announces the release of The 5 Love Languages for Men created with New York Times Best-Selling author Gary Chapman.

Commissioned by Moody Publishers, our team created a unique and brand new men's edition of the #1 Best-Selling Five Languages. Our work included concept consultation, market research, manuscript development, complete editorial and art direction.

"Brand development is one of our strengths," says company president Christopher Hudson. "And working with Dr. Chapman is always an honor. His material connects with our passion for helping people make real, practical life change."

The 5 Love Languages for Men is the third project in the Love Languages line for Hudson Bible. Previous projects include the Love Languages Devotional Bible and  52 Uncommon Dates.

Moody Publishers adds this about this new book for men:
Gary Chapman gears this edition of his #1 New York Times multi-million best seller to your needs, challenges, and interests as a husband. What really fills your wife's love tank? (It may not be what you think.) How can you let her know what you're thinking and feeling?  What can you do to make sex more meaningful and pleasurable for you both? This book offers a straightforward approach that will equip you for relational success.
Learn more about The 5 Love Languages for Men.

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Hudson & Associates Rebrands

Hudson & Associates has been rebranded to Hudson Bible.

"The name change reflects our company focus on God's word and delivering product that help people read, engage, and apply the Bible," says company president Christopher Hudson.

Since launching in 2006 Hudson Bible has focused on Bible-related projects including study guides, study Bibles, commentaries, and devotional books.

Hudson Bible is a full-service, Christian company that authors books and provides publishers with editorial, design and typesetting services.

Jesus: 89 Inspiring Ways to Know Christ

Jesus: 89 Inspiring Ways to Know Christ is our latest release in THE BIBLE series. This special edition magazine is on sale in Kmart, Target, Walgreens, CVS, gas stations, grocery stores and wherever magazines are sold.

This special edition magazine exalts Jesus by giving an overview of 89 names and attributes described in the Bible. 

Our role on this edition was to invent the concept, write, edit, design, and complete layouts.  This special edition was published by Time Home Entertainment.

Below are four sample spreads from the project.


Illustrated Guide to Bible Battles

The Illustrated Guide to Bible Battles is the latest book in Barbour's popular-reference line. 

This 288-page book outlines the backgrounds, weapons, and strategies of every battle mentioned in the Bible. Each battle is visualized with a map, photos of ancient weapons, and text that explains each war and skirmish.

The publisher adds this description:
War is a reality of human history—even in Bible times. This readable reference shows you how dozens of biblical battles fit into the overall storyline of scripture. From familiar accounts such as Joshua s conquest of Jericho to lesser-known engagements—including some extra-biblical battles that helped shape Bible history—The Illustrated Guide to Bible Battles provides fascinating background and overviews, colorful photos and maps, and an explanation of God s role in each. Key players, weaponry, and both short- and long-term outcomes of each battle are also described, making The Illustrated Guide to Bible Battles an all-in-one resource for anyone interested in this aspect of scriptural history.

Our role on this project was to work with the author to create an outline, provide editorial support, complete photo research, and finalize page layouts. 

Sample spreads:

Children's Product Development

The Hudson Bible team has developed some significant children's titles. Our children's team consists of writers, editors,  educational consultants, curriculum experts, and original illustrators. In the last few year we have released the following titles:

* The Case for Christ for Kids Curriculum (role: concept, writing, editorial)
* The Beginners Bible Preschool Curriculum (role: writing, editorial)
* Bible Tell Me: Who (role: concept, writing, editing, illustration, page layout, cover design)
* Faith Commander (role: consulting, editorial)
* NIV Jesus Bible for Kids (role: writing, editorial)

Our team is committed to helping readers of all ages read, engage, and apply the Bible.

The Truth About Heaven

The Truth About Heaven is our latest title in Time, Inc's The Bible series. This special edition magazine  is currently being sold at magazine racks found at gas stations, Target stores, Wal-Marts, grocery and convenience stores.

This 100-page magazine outlines what the Bible says about heaven and answers questions many readers have on the topic.

Our role on this project was to create the concept, outline, write, edit, design the cover, and complete all page layouts. 

Applying the Five Love Languages: 52 Uncommon Dates

We created 52 Uncommon Dates for Moody Publishers. This book is the latest in their Five Love Languages line by Gary Chapman.

This book provides 52 creative dates for couples to help them deepen their relationships, learn more about their each other, and better apply the principles found in the Five Love Languages.

This creative and fun book was written by team member Randy Southern and the introduction was written by Dr. Gary Chapman. Our role in the book was to create the concept, outline, write and edit the entire manuscript.

The NIV Quickview Bible wins the 2014 International Book Award


The NIV QuickView Bible was awarded the 2014 International Book Award, which honors excellence in independent and mainstream publishing. Hudson Bible created the QuickView Bible for Zondervan in 2012.

The NIV QuickView Bible won the 2014 International Book Award in the "Religion: Christianity" category.

The Hudson Bible team invented the QuickView Bible concept, created the manuscript, and finished the page layouts for each image used in the Bible.

"We've heard many people share how the QuickView Bible has helped them better understand the Bible. We praise God for that," says Christopher Hudson (president of Hudson Bible), "and while reader feedback is enough, it's humbling to receive the nod from our peers in the publishing industry as well."

The full press release can be found here.

The NIV QuickView Bible is available wherever books are sold. Here is the link to the page at Amazon.

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Faith Commander (Curriculum)

Our work with Zondervan Church Resources continued in a consultative role with the release of Faith Commander: Living Five Values from the Parables of Jesus

This 5-week curriculum--written by Duck Dynasty's Korie Robertson and Chrys Howard--helps churches find the God's truth through 5 parables of Jesus. 

Because of our expertise in children's product, church education, and curriculum development, our role on this project was to consult on the VBS portion of this project.

This curriculum kit is available from Amazon here.

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Illustrated A to Z Guide to Bible People

Barbour publishing has revised and released a new edition of Christopher D. Hudson's book originally published in 2009. 

Previously titled Fascinating People of the Bible, this new edition was updated and illustrated by the publisher.

Women of the Bible

Extraordinary Women of the Bible is the latest bookazine edition created by Hudson Bible for Time Home Entertainment and the American Bible Society. 

This special edition magazine is on sale at newsstands in the US and Canada. Copies are available at big box stores, gas stations, grocery stores and wherever magazines are sold. 

Articles include:
*  Founding Mothers: Eight Women Who Shaped the Biblical Story
* Women of Courage: Three Women Who Demonstrated Bravery in a Man’s World
* The Chosen: Five Women Whose Names Appear in the Genealogy of Jesus 
* The Prophets: Three Women Who Served as God’s Messengers 
* The Wicked: Four Women Who Embraced Evil 
* The New Era Women: Eight Women Who Served the Early Church through Evangelism and Discipleship

Each lesson contains fascinating profiles of Bible women and powerful life lessons that are applicable today.

Our role on this project was complete development from concept to finished disk. We worked together with American Bible Society and the publisher to create a title that is biblically sound, beautifully illustrated, and wonderfully relevant to women today.

Beginners Bible Preschool Curriculum

Our work developing The Beginners Bible preschool curriculum blended our skills at brand extension, curriculum writing, and early childhood education.

Our team of children's writers, project managers, and educational consultants created 30 lessons that provide preschool classes with an easy to use overview of the Bible.

"We're humbled when publishers entrust their A-level brands to us," says Christopher Hudson. "We're committed to developing a clear, biblical message with the voice of an existing brand. Sometimes we do that work for an author that needs a ghost writer and sometimes it's a publisher's brand that needs extending."

The Beginners Bible was originally published twenty years ago and has sold over 6 million copies. The Beginners Bible curriculum is available through bookstores. It can also be found here.

30 Books Typeset in First Quarter 2014

Hudson Bible completed the typesetting of 30 books in the first quarter of 2014. With approximately 7,000 pages typeset this quarter, our team has worked on Bibles, self-published titles, ministry projects and large publishers' A-list books from authors such as Les & Leslie Parrott and Ralph Reed. 

"Our production team is very talented, very fast, and very flexible," says Christopher Hudson, president of Hudson Bible. "Typesetting really highlights our strength in project management as we submit projects on time, on budget, and with the highest level of quality."

"Some projects end with traditional printing, some head toward print on demand, and others need ebook conversion," Hudson adds.

With projects ranging from full-color bookazine work for Time to non-fiction best-sellers for Worthy Publishers, our team works round the clock to ensure projects are completed according to each publisher's specifications.

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Heaven & Hell: Are They Real?

Heaven & Hell: Are They Real? is the first book authored by Christopher D. Hudson for Thomas Nelson publishers since 2001.

This book will help readers answer their top 60+ questions on Heaven and Hell. Answers are biblically-based with contributions from great writers, pastors, and thinkers such as J.I. Packer, Billy Graham, Francis Chan, John Piper and Randy Alcorn.

Questions answered include:
• Will heaven be interesting?
• Will we have jobs in heaven?
• Is there sex in heaven?
• Does hell really exist?
• What does an eternity in hell feel like?
• If I’m in heaven, will I see people in hell?

Facebook and social media played a large part in this book's development and release. During the development phase of this book, thousands of questions were collected by readers and a month-long, online Bible study helped readers interact with the the content as the book released.

Hudson last contributed to a Thomas Nelson book in 2001 with Extreme Answers to Extreme Questions. He also served as the General Editor for the Extreme Teen Bible in 1999. That special youth edition of the Bible sold over 1 million copies.

Heaven & Hell: Are They Real? is currently on sale in paperback form and can be found here.

The Bible: 50 New Ways It Can Change Your Life

This spring we released The Bible: 50 New Ways it Can Change Your Life. This special edition magazine was released for mass distribution across the United States and Canada. This title sold out at many local locations including:

* Wal-Mart
* Target
* Krogers
* White Hen Pantry
* Piggly Wiggly
* Barnes & Noble
* many gas stations and grocery stores

This 96-page bookazine features articles including:
* #7 Never throw the first stone
* #12  Don't let the sun go down on your anger
* #15 Keep sex sacred
* #26 Give generously
* #32 How can I find my purpose?
* #37 Keep your eyes Pure

This best-selling magazine was a follow up to The Bible: 50 Ways It Can Change Your Life which sold out across the country during the summer of 2013. Both editions were published and sold by Time Home Entertainment, Inc. (The original title can still be purchased here.)

Our role on each of these bookazines is to provide every step from concept to finished disk. Our team completed the following: 
* Create the concept
* Write the outline
* Develop, write, and edit all content
* Complete all page layout
* Design cover and packaging
* Finalize all color correction and prepress work

Click here to learn more about our series with Time that includes over one million books in print.

The Complete Bible Companion

This new, 700 page book from Barbour Publishing offers a complete Bible study library for those looking to study God's word. This volume contains:

* Timelines
* Bible Handbook Information
* Dictionary/Concordance
* Maps of the Bible lands
* Guide on How to Study the Bible
* Bible Reading Plans

In partnership with Barbour publishing, HudsonBible.com contributed the Bible handbook information as well as the maps of the Holy Lands. 

The book is for sale wherever books are sold. Here is the link to Amazon

HudsonBible.com is dedicated to helping publishers create books and Bible study tools that help people read, engage, and apply the Bible. 

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Navigating the Bible

When our research team asked people, "Why don't you read the Bible?" two answers rose to the top of the list:

1. "I don't know where to start."
2. "I don't understand what I read."

Because of this need, we created Navigating the Bible with Barbour Publishing. This 288-page book provides a short introduction for every section of the Bible.

The book includes 5-minute overviews, useful maps, colorful profiles, and a running timelines that appear on every page.

The role of HudsonBible.com on this project was to create the outline, develop the manuscript, design the interior pages, and complete illustration work, art research, and typesetting.

Learn more about the book at www.bit.ly/NavTheBible.
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Jesus Bible from ZonderKidz

Our creative, editorial team developed the Jesus Bible for ZonderKidz, which released February 2014. This Bible is designed to show young readers how to find Christ in every book of the Bible. 

This Bible includes:
* The full, NIV Bible Text
* 365 Daily Devotions that reveal Christ in every part of the Bible
* 66 Book introductions that provide an overview of each Bible book and show where Jesus can be found in each book
* 100 Live Like Jesus Notes that help readers apply Christ to their life.
* 100+ Prophecy notes which highlight the biggest Messianic prophecies and fulfillments found throughout the Bible.

Designed for readers between the ages 8-12, this Bible will help everyone follow the main storyline of the Bible: The Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Role
The team at HudsonBible.com helped ZonderKidz refine the product concept, created all content, and consulted on the design.  ZonderKidz is the children's division of Zondervan (a HarperCollins company).

Learn more about this special project here.

Reflections on 2013

Thankful for Our Partners

As we look back at 2013, we celebrate the clients, people, and brands we worked alongside during the year. We are grateful for each one. Here is a partial list from the past 12 months:

  • American Bible Challenge
  • AMG Publishers
  • Barbour Publishing
  • Case for Christ
  • Duck Dynasty
  • Five Love Languages
  • Go2 Ministries
  • Good New Publishers/Crossway Books
  • Guideposts
  • HarperCollins
  • Mars Hill/Resurgence
  • Moody
  • Propeller
  • Thomas Nelson
  • Time Home Entertainment
  • Worthy Publishing
  • Zondervan Church Resources
  • ZonderKidz

Thankful for Milestones

While working with some of the best brands and partners in the publishing industry, we count God's blessings and realize that "Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain" (Psalm 127:1, NIV). With His help, we have been able to accomplish the following:
  • Provide readers with new Bible and Bible-related titles
  • Consult on, write, and edit dozens of book projects
  • Design over 25 book covers
  • Serve as the typesetting department for three publishers
  • Connect authors and publishers through our agency services
  • Develop multiple adult and children's curricula
  • Survey thousands of readers, which allow us to connect to the market
  • Illustrate and write multiple children's titles for ages 0-12
  • Grow our Facebook and social family to 1.5 million

Thankful for Great Projects 

Although it would be impossible to select our favorite project from the last year, we are especially grateful for the following:




Thankful for Team Efforts 

    While our clients trust us with their ideas, market, and brands, it is our employees and partners who help us complete so many outstanding projects. The list is long, but we are especially grateful for each one. At the risk of missing some, special thanks go to the following (in no particular order): Amber, Caleb, Ryan, Melissa, Tammy, Karen, Jorie, Randy, Paige, Janay, Ben, Jeanette, Linda, Mark, Steve, Thomas, Robin, Stephen, Rachel, Eugene, Kasi, Junefer, Clarissa, Dusan, Lea, Neil, Maria, Jennifer, Pam, Jeser, April, Kevin, and Nali. (Learn more about working with us.)

    Thankful for What's Next 

      Reflecting on the blessings of 2013 causes us to look forward to 2014 with great anticipation. We thank you for your partnership in the last year and look forward to creating great books and resources in the years to come.

      Learn more about what we do.