Children's Release

Hudson Bible announces the release of BIBLE TELL ME: WHO. This children's book profiles 90 Bible characters and offers a life lesson for each one. 

Each character biography and color illustration captures a key moment in the life of a famous Bible hero or villain. Target readers are ages 4-8.

This book is published by Time Home Entertainment, Inc. and is available in a sturdy hardcover. It will also be available at checkout lines and magazine racks during the Christmas shopping season.

Our team completed every publishing service on this title including:

  • outlining the concept
  • writing all content 
  • securing educational consultants
  • creating original art
  • designing the cover and
  • completing the page layouts. 

The book is being stocked by bookstores and available onlineBelow are sample layouts.

SACRED PLACES is our latest book in a series of books has over one-million copies in print. 

Created in partnership with Time Inc and American Bible Society, Sacred Places explores actual Bible locations. The Red Sea, Mt. Sinai, Jericho, Golgotha — each forms a textured backdrop to a story in the Bible. This book frames biblical events in their original settings and brings them to life like never before. 

Our role on the project was to create the concept, develop the outline, write the manuscript, select all photos, complete all page layout and design the cover. Here are a number of spreads from Sacred Places

This book is available at Amazon