Layman's Bible Commentary (12 Vol Set)

We worked with respected pastors and scholars across the country to create the Layman's Bible Commentary. This 12-volume set contains over one million words and explains every chapter of the Bible in plain English.

Though most commentaries can be difficult to understand, this series was written with the lay person in mind. The clear explanations remove the mystery behind many confusing Bible passages.

Regular features include paragraphs that explain how the chapter you are reading fits into the Bible as a whole and how each section can be applied to daily living.

Our role on this project was to complete all writing, editorial, interior design, and typesetting. Published by Barbour. Find this series on Amazon.

Bible Atlas (Pocket Edition)

Five years ago we created the Bible Atlas & Companion for Barbour Publishing. On June 1, 2013, Barbour will release the pocket edition of this popular reference book.

Since its release in 2008, this atlas has continually been one of the best-selling books in the Atlas category. We believe that this new edition will solidify that position even further.

Hudson Bible created all 75 maps, all editorial content, and selected the photographs from Todd Bolen's library ( We also designed the interior and completed the page layouts.

The publisher adds the following:
Based on NASA Space Shuttle imagery, the 75 maps in this beautiful, full-color reference feature some of the most precise geographical detail available. They cover all of Bible history—from “The Nations of the Ancient World” in the time of Moses, through “The Churches of Revelation.” Concise, easy-to-read text explains the biblical background and other relevant facts, while more than 70 photographs further elaborate on the maps. Packaged in a convenient, go-anywhere size, The Bible Atlas and Companion is an indispensable tool for personal Bible study
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Hudson Bible provided the editorial work required to ensure Money 101 was up to date in today's changing financial world.  The publisher adds this description about this title:

Do you want better finances. . .but need a little practical, how-to help? Then you definitely need Bible Guides for Life: Money 101! This easy-to-understand, graphically-enhanced reference is perfect for people of any age, providing information on creating (and adhering to) a budget, saving and investing, tithing, taxes, insurance and retirement planning, loans and debt, attitudes toward money, and much more. Best of all, it’s written in a fun, lighthearted manner that makes the hard work of managing finances fun. If you’ve struggled with money matters, don’t worry: You’re not alone, and this book can help.
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