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Hudson Bible was featured in the most recent newsletter published by the American Book Producer Association. 

We are proud members of the ABPA, which is the premier book producer association in the United States.  

Content of the featured article is reprinted below: 

Meet a Member: Chris Hudson, Owner

I’ve been creating books for the faith-driven market for 20 years. During that time I’ve had the chance to develop titles with authors Max Lucado, President Jimmy Carter, and Coach Joe Gibbs. I’ve also had the opportunity to work with brands such as Duck Dynasty and the American Bible Challenge.

I launched eight years ago to focus on projects that align my creative talents with my personal passion of helping people read and understand the Bible. Most recently we had the chance to work with Time Home Entertainment on a series of bookazine projects including The Bible: 100 New Ways It Can Change Your Life and a children’s book called Bible Tell Me: Who. Next month we release an adult trade book called Heaven and Hell: Are They Real? (Thomas Nelson) and a youth Bible titled The Jesus Bible (Zondervan).
My team and I love books and we love faith. has given us a livelihood that allows us to focus on both.

Hudson Bible Partners Again with Strobel

Hudson Bible announces the release of the The Case for Christ for Kids Curriculum. We created this children's curriculum in partnership with Lee Strobel and Zondervan.  This six lesson curriculum for churches is designed to be used in Sunday school classes or mid week church education programs. 

Our team of writers, editors, and educational consultants worked with Strobel and Zondervan to create an outline, write all the content, develop activity ideas, and provide all tools  needed to convert this curriculum into a successful VBS program.  

The product is available in DVD format and retails for $39.99. The publisher describes the curriculum this way:

In these six lessons children will learn answers to these and other pressing questions in kid-friendly language that will help them grow in their faith. Packed full of well-researched, reliable, and fun investigations of some of the biggest questions kids have, The Case for Christ for Kids Curriculum brings Jesus to life by addressing the existence, miracles, ministry, and resurrection of Christ.  
This DVD-ROM makes your children's ministry planning simple and includes everything you need for a successful Sunday school, children's church, or VBS program: A checklist to help leaders organize each week's study Lesson Plans Parent Pages Promotional materials AND a VBS expansion kit to help leaders teach The Case for Christ Children's Curriculum as a Vacation Bible School or Backyard Bible Club program. 
The six sessions include: 
  • The Case of the Baby Messiah 
  • The Case of the Voice from Heaven 
  • The Case of the Wedding Crisis 
  • The Case of the Living Water 
  • The Case of the Risen Messiah 

This project marked our continued partnership with Zondervan and Lee Strobel, which began the creation of the Case for Christ Study Bible in 2010.

Children's Release

Hudson Bible announces the release of BIBLE TELL ME: WHO. This children's book profiles 90 Bible characters and offers a life lesson for each one. 

Each character biography and color illustration captures a key moment in the life of a famous Bible hero or villain. Target readers are ages 4-8.

This book is published by Time Home Entertainment, Inc. and is available in a sturdy hardcover. It will also be available at checkout lines and magazine racks during the Christmas shopping season.

Our team completed every publishing service on this title including:

  • outlining the concept
  • writing all content 
  • securing educational consultants
  • creating original art
  • designing the cover and
  • completing the page layouts. 

The book is being stocked by bookstores and available onlineBelow are sample layouts.

SACRED PLACES is our latest book in a series of books has over one-million copies in print. 

Created in partnership with Time Inc and American Bible Society, Sacred Places explores actual Bible locations. The Red Sea, Mt. Sinai, Jericho, Golgotha — each forms a textured backdrop to a story in the Bible. This book frames biblical events in their original settings and brings them to life like never before. 

Our role on the project was to create the concept, develop the outline, write the manuscript, select all photos, complete all page layout and design the cover. Here are a number of spreads from Sacred Places

This book is available at Amazon

Production & Typesetting Services

Our production and typesetting team has served the world's largest publishers with beautiful and easy-to-read books. From basic trade books to complex reference titles, our typesetters complete projects on time, on budget, and without surprises.

In addition to handling page layout needs, we connect to readers by preparing files for ebook publication, traditional publishing, and print on demand. For selected titles we also offer a "shout out" on our social media network that reaches over one million people.  

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Layman's Concise Bible Commentary

Earlier this year, we partnered with Barbour Publishing to release the 12-volume Layman's Bible Commentary. This one million word commentary series explains every passage of Scripture in easy-to-read language that readers of all backgrounds can understand.

Because one million words is a lot to carry with you to your local coffee shop or Sunday School class, we created a condensed, single volume book that released this summer: The Layman's Concise Bible Commentary

This 448-page book pulls the most helpful material from the Layman's Bible Commentary and the team of pastors and scholars that helped create it. 

Our role on this project was to complete all writing and editorial. The project was edited by Christopher D. Hudson and published by Barbour Publishing.

The book is available at Amazon and wherever books are sold.

The Bible: 100 Ways It Can Change Your Life

Our series with Time has over 1,000,000 books in print and includes titles such as: Mysteries of the Bible, The Life of Christ, Ancient Secrets of the Bible, Messages from God, Angels and Miracles, and Bible Prophecies. This new book takes a more reflective tone than earlier titles in the series. 

In The Bible: 100 Ways It Can Change Your Life, readers will find 100 meditations that will encourage and challenge them in every area. With an eye toward daily application, readers can find a better life through reading and applying the wisdom found in the Bible.  

This 192-page book will be released by Time Inc, Home Entertainment in July. Here are a few sample spreads created by our partners at Symbology Creative.

For more on our work on these beautiful books with Time click here.

To order this book from Amazon, click here.

Layman's Bible Commentary (12 Vol Set)

We worked with respected pastors and scholars across the country to create the Layman's Bible Commentary. This 12-volume set contains over one million words and explains every chapter of the Bible in plain English.

Though most commentaries can be difficult to understand, this series was written with the lay person in mind. The clear explanations remove the mystery behind many confusing Bible passages.

Regular features include paragraphs that explain how the chapter you are reading fits into the Bible as a whole and how each section can be applied to daily living.

Our role on this project was to complete all writing, editorial, interior design, and typesetting. Published by Barbour. Find this series on Amazon.

Bible Atlas (Pocket Edition)

Five years ago we created the Bible Atlas & Companion for Barbour Publishing. On June 1, 2013, Barbour will release the pocket edition of this popular reference book.

Since its release in 2008, this atlas has continually been one of the best-selling books in the Atlas category. We believe that this new edition will solidify that position even further.

Hudson Bible created all 75 maps, all editorial content, and selected the photographs from Todd Bolen's library ( We also designed the interior and completed the page layouts.

The publisher adds the following:
Based on NASA Space Shuttle imagery, the 75 maps in this beautiful, full-color reference feature some of the most precise geographical detail available. They cover all of Bible history—from “The Nations of the Ancient World” in the time of Moses, through “The Churches of Revelation.” Concise, easy-to-read text explains the biblical background and other relevant facts, while more than 70 photographs further elaborate on the maps. Packaged in a convenient, go-anywhere size, The Bible Atlas and Companion is an indispensable tool for personal Bible study
Learn more here.
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Hudson Bible provided the editorial work required to ensure Money 101 was up to date in today's changing financial world.  The publisher adds this description about this title:

Do you want better finances. . .but need a little practical, how-to help? Then you definitely need Bible Guides for Life: Money 101! This easy-to-understand, graphically-enhanced reference is perfect for people of any age, providing information on creating (and adhering to) a budget, saving and investing, tithing, taxes, insurance and retirement planning, loans and debt, attitudes toward money, and much more. Best of all, it’s written in a fun, lighthearted manner that makes the hard work of managing finances fun. If you’ve struggled with money matters, don’t worry: You’re not alone, and this book can help.
Purchase this book here. 

The Illustrated Book of Bible Lists

We're pleased to announce the release of The Illustrated Book of Bible Lists. We wrote all the content and and completed the page layout for this title. This 284-page book contains over 200 Bible-related lists and 600 full color images.

Chart titles include (click to see samples): 
Titles and Names of Christians in the Bible
Titles and names of Christ
Great Verses that Offer Strength
God's Promises During Temptation
God's Promises of Protection
The Consequences of Sin
What the Bible Says About Itself
30 Day Bible Reading Plan: Forgiveness
30 Day Bible Reading Plan: Finding Comfort

This book was published in March 2013 by Barbour Publishing.

NIV College Devotional Bible

The College Devotional Bible released from Zondervan in February 2013. This special project stems from two passions of Christopher Hudson.  First, his love for communicating the Bible. Second, his love for students. 

From 2005-2012 Christopher worked with athletes at Wheaton College in Illinois. This devotional Bible was born during that experience. "Today's Christian college students will be leading the church in a few years. In fact, these brothers and sisters in Christ have already made great contributions to the church and have much to offer," says Hudson.

The College Devotional Bible uses a unique storytelling approach to illustrate the truths found in God's word to create a daily devotional experience. It’s filled with stories that connect Scripture with the struggles, questions, and decisions every college student faces. 

Hudson Bible wrote and edited all devotional material in this edition of the Bible. Christopher D. Hudson serves as the General Editor.

The Bible contains:

  • 222 school-year devotions with daily insights and applications on relevant topics
  • A practical reading plan that helps you stay connected to God during the 9 months of school each year
  • Complete text of the clear, accessible NIV Bible 
  • Quick-start guide shows you how to get the most out of reading the Bible
  • Subject index for looking up topics of interest
  • Ribbon marker 
  • Presentation page
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Encountering Series

Hudson Bible recently developed the Encountering Series for release in the NIV. These "quick engagement" devotional editions of the Bible each contain 52 devotions and study guides that will help enrich your study of each member of the Trinity. Each devotional experience is designed to provide solid, biblically-based teaching in an easy to access format.

The publisher, Zondervan, describes the trio of Bibles this way: 

The Encounter Bible Series introduces you to the three-in-one God as each volume dives deeply into a study of each person of the Trinity: God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. As you read these devotional study notes alongside the text of the NIV Bible, you’ll begin to gain a fuller understanding of the God of the Bible.

  • Full text of the NIV
  • 52 weeks of devotional readings about Jesus, including discussion questions and options for deeper study 
  • Topical index
  • Presentation page

Our role on this project was to outline and write all study features for these editions. Learn more about these Bibles here.

For other, similar titles, see our portfolio.

KJV Study Bible for Women and Students

We recently enjoyed opening the box that contained the two latest editions of the KJV Study Bible we completed for Barbour Publishing. These special editions (one for women, one for students) customize God's Word with useful articles and tools that will aid Christians in their Bible study.

Each edition contains the full King James Version, 6500 study notes, 66 book introductions, and 48-color pages that contain topical outlines, reading plans, photos, and character profiles.

Our role on these editions was to create all content, write, edit, design, and typeset.

Discover each volume at Amazon:
Student's Edition

For more on the KJV Study Bible, see this post.

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