Ancient Secrets of the Bible Hits Newsstands

What truth really lies behind the Bible’s most mysterious and controversial stories? Could a man like Jesus intentionally structure his life to fulfill the ancient prophecies of the Bible? Could an army of 300 unarmed men genuinely defeat a fighting force of 10,000? What survival secrets saved the lives of three men who were thrown into a blazing furnace? Ancient Secrets of the Bible traces the fascinating stories of improbable heroes, unlikely victories, and remarkable escapes. In these extraordinary accounts, you will discover how  these fascinating events hold relevance for today.

Time Inc., Home Entertainment commissioned Hudson Bible to concept, write, and design this book. Available in bookstores and newsstands, this 128 page book is our latest project created on behalf of American Bible Society.

This series of five books has over one million copies in print. Learn more here.

Sample spreads:

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