The Quickview Bible

We created The Quickview Bible because 83% of human understanding occurs visually. Since many people struggle to read God's Word, we wanted to help them gain a better understanding of what is on each page of Scripture. This Bible contains over 350 full color, newspaper-style graphics that overview almost every Bible story. Although this edition is strikingly beautiful, our hope is that our fellow Bible readers will be able to better engage and understand the Bible text.  

Zondervan, the publisher of this Bible, adds this: "When it comes to reading, learning, and understanding, the human brain needs both words and pictures. That’s where the NIV QuickView Bible comes in. Now you can navigate and understand the Bible easily with visual infographics. See the Bible as you never have before through at-a-glance snapshots that visually display key stories and insights from God’s Word. Using eye-catching infographics, the NIV QuickView Bible presents the most significant stories and facts from the Bible in an informative, understandable way. The lists, maps, charts and graphs help you develop a new understanding of the stories of the Bible. They are also a great way to get to know those books of the Bible you’ve never ventured to read before. Open it up to enjoy the word of God in a whole new way.
  • More than 360 infographics visually display key stories and insights from the Bible
  • 20 maps help you understand events recorded in the Bible
  • Color-coded sections of the Bible for clear, easy navigation
  • QuickView of the Christian Faith: a visual overview of the essentials of the Christian faith
  • The complete text of the world’s most popular modern-English Bible, the NIV
  • The New International Version is the nation’s top selling Bible translation, offering the latest in scholarship, discoveries about the biblical world, and cutting-edge research on English usage" [[From:]]
Our role on this project was: concept creation, manuscript creation, feature design and layout. We invite you to click some samples below or visit here and here.