Speciality Bible Development

The product displays at July’s ICRS trade show were a visual reminder that a number of authors and publishers have relied on Hudson Bible to help expand their ministry through the publishing of theme-based study Bibles.

These Bibles help readers access the Bible and discover what God’s Word says on specific issues. For example:
  • The Case for Christ Study Bible (Lee Strobel, General Editor) helps skeptics, Christians and non-Christians alike, discover answers to tough questions. Is Jesus really God? Did Jesus rise from the dead? Why does God allow suffering? Can the Bible be trusted? Strobel’s in-depth, investigative style lends itself well to helping thoughtful readers vet the Bible’s claims and discover for themselves how God’s Word stands up to intense scrutiny.
  • The Life Journey Bible (Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend, General Editors) gives a holistic view of spiritual and emotional wellness. With hundreds of practical Bible applications from the authors of Boundaries alongside the Bible verses that inspired them, this Bible helps readers explore how God's truth helps them deepen relationships, navigate difficult times and people, and grow personally and spiritually.
  • The Lessons from Life Bible (President Jimmy Carter, General Editor) presents the wealth of 60 years of President Carter’s Bible study teaching notes alongside his best-loved Bible passages. While most people think of Mr. Carter as a politician, his life has been more devoted to his roles as Christian, humanitarian, and Sunday school teacher. The President has taught Sunday school for more than 60 yearseven during his term in the White House. The devotional and extra-biblical notes in this Bible distill decades of his research and teaching, delivered in his familiar, beloved style.
  • The Love Languages Devotional Bible (Dr. Gary Chapman, General Editor) provides a year's worth of devotions for people in relationships who are striving to grow in their relationship with God and each other. Dr. Chapman’s warm style and practical teachings give couples a firm foundation for their relationship, help them invest time together in God’s Word, and invite them into a conversation with God and with each other.

For each of these four projects, Hudson Bible has helped the publisher craft the initial product concept, outlined study notes for select Scripture passages, worked with the General Editor to develop content that is accurate to the teaching and context of the selected Scriptures, and ensured that the manuscript is completed (on time and on budget) according to the publisher's specifications.

These Bibles tie directly into the mission of the Hudson Bible 
team—to help people read and engage the Bible. Because the Bible can at times feel confusing and inaccessible, these editions help readers find and apply the Bible's teaching on specific subjects, facilitating and fostering time in God’s life-changing Word.

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