Zondervan Releases NIV Life Journey Bible

During the last year, we helped Zondervan create the NIV Life Journey Bible. We worked closely with the General Editors (Henry Cloud and John Townsend--authors of Boundaries) to help formulate the concept, outline study notes, and help direct the manuscript into final form. (For more on our work with helping authors create study Bible content, click here)

At the conclusion of the project, Dr. Townsend offered this endorsement: “Chris is an excellent partner in content development, editing, and strategics. He is trustworthy, organized and is a warm person. I recommend his work highly.”

From Zondervan's Website:
This hardcover Bible was created for you, a person seeking personal growth – in your understanding of your world and yourself. Inside this Bible is the bestselling NIV Bible text plus notes based on popular life principles developed by Dr. John Townsend and Dr. Henry Cloud. Their Biblical approach to spiritual, emotional and relational health is rooted in the view that complete wholeness is deeply spiritual in nature, leading you on a journey to find the answers for your whole life It can be difficult to translate God’s Word into an effective plan to stay spiritually healthy, especially as you enter new phases of life.

The Bible always holds relevant lessons, but sometimes it takes an experienced guide to help you grow as you face different life experiences. Doctors Henry Cloud and John Townsend---bestselling authors of How People Grow and the Boundaries series---bring you the NIV Life Journey Bible, which includes the full text of the NIV, the world’s most accessible Bible translation, paired with their own acclaimed teachings. This Bible provides invaluable support for personal growth and wholeness.
  • The complete text of the NIV Bible, the world’s most popular modern-English translation
  • 300 “Insights” – giving you an inside track on tips for emotional and relational health
  • Over 30 profiles of biblical figures reveal the growth principles that are found in God’s Word
  • 66 book introductions call out key growth concepts in each book of the Bible
  • 20 essays develop important principles of spiritual growth, covering topics such as growth, grief, relationships, and more
  • Reading plans, subject index and “where to find it” index are extra resources located in the back of this Bible.
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