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KJV Study Bible Wins Retailers’ Choice Award

We were pleased to learn that The KJV Study Bible (Barbour) recently won the 2012 Retailer's Choice Award.

We created this Bible for Barbour Publishing and built the study note system from the 12 Volume Quick Notes Commentary series, which we authored for the same publisher over a period of three years. Our role on this project was to write and edit Bible study notes, design the interior, and complete the typesetting.

The homepage for the Retailer's Choice Awards says:

Introduced in 2001, the Retailers Choice Awards have been increasingly acknowledged as an important way of recognizing some of the most significant new life-changing products in the Christian retail industry. Retailers were asked to judge nominations on the impact they have had on staff and customers, including their ability to:
  • speak to people's hearts and evoke emotion
  • open people's minds to new ways of thinking
  • encourage and affirm Christ-like living.