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NIV Pillars of the Faith

This special edition of the NIV Bible released on May 22 and reminds readers of the unchanging message of God's Word. In addition to the full biblical text, this Bible contains 52 devotions based on the writings of past leaders, thinkers, and pillars of the Christian faith. Readings are drawn from great heroes such as:

* George Fox (d. 1691)
* A.W. Pink (d. 1952)
* Fanny Crosby (d. 1915)
* John Cassian (d. 433)

* Thomas à Kempis (d. 1471)
* D.L. Moody (d. 1899)
* Polycarp (d. 155)
* Martin Luther (d. 1546)
* St. Augustine (d. 430)
* St. Francis of Assisi (d. 1226)
* John Bunyan (d. 1688)
* Catherine of Siena (d. 1380)
* and many, many others.

This diverse collection of writings quickly reminds us of Hebrews 13:8: "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever."

Our role on this project was to create the outline, select the content, update the language, deliver a finished manuscript.

You can read more about it or pick up a copy for yourself here.