Author Coaching/Content Development

Moody Publishers has recently announced the Love Languages Devotional Bible with Dr. Gary Chapman, which will be released in the fall of 2012. Our team has been humbled to play a significant role in the concept development, manuscript creation, design, and typesetting of this devotional Bible.

In the last couple of years, we've been privileged to partner with publishers as they create specialty Bibles with Lee Strobel, Gary Chapman, Cloud & Townsend, and President Jimmy Carter.

Because Bibles are so complex, our role has varied with each project. At times our job has been to coach the author through the Bible development process. At other times, we've been called on to do some ghostwriting. No matter our role, our job has been to ensure the manuscript is completed in a way that honors God, respects the Bible, and stays true to the voice of the primary contributor.

Because this work is so specialized, this is where we tend to receive some of our highest praise. Read some of the endorsements we've received here.

Regarding Moody's Love Languages Devotional Bible, the publisher says this about their Bible:

Dr. Gary Chapman has become a trusted expert on relationships. His teaching is based on the timeless wisdom of God's Word. Gary has been described by his readers and listeners as passionate, relevant, hopeful, effective, and practical. He brings this expertise and style to The Love Languages Devotional Bible. Its straightforward approach to reading through Scripture, complemented by brief devotional readings that apply the text to real-life relationships, will deepen couples' understanding of God and of each other. This Bible gathers together in one powerful, life-changing resource all the best of Gary's decades of counseling experience.

The Love Languages Devotional Bible covers numerous topics, including: communication, expectations, roles, sex, conflict, money, children, in-laws, and more.

Learn more about Moody's devotional Bible here.