40-Day Bible Adventure

We wrote this book for Barbour publishing with the hopes that it would reach a broad market and help both young and established Christians understand the Bible better. By devoting a few minutes a day, readers can gain a helpful overview of the Bible. Much of the content of this book was drawn from the 12-volume QuickNotes Simplified Commentary Series we also created for Barbour.

This book has repeatedly hit the CBA bestseller list.

The publisher adds:
Learning scripture is easy and fun with The 40-Day Bible Adventure! This brand-new book is ideal for individuals or groups, promising greater understanding of the world’s greatest Book. In 15 minutes a day, The 40-Day Bible Adventure will help you understand the storyline of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. There’s helpful context for each book (“Setting Up the Story”) and 3–5 questions to engage you in key passages. “Critical Observations” help explain the strange and mysterious elements of Bible stories, while “Take It Home” sidebars provide ideas for practical application. Give your Bible 40 days. . .you’ll appreciate it for the rest of your life!

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Spanish Crosswords (Crucigramas Biblicos: 72 rompecabezas divertidos)

In early 2011 we created Crucigramas Biblicos for Barbour. Though we've had titles translated into Spanish, this was the first title we created exclusively for the Spanish marketplace.

We created all 72 puzzles in Spanish, proofread them, field tested them, completed the design and page layout. Months after its release, this book continues to rank #1 or #2 in Amazon's Spanish puzzle category.

From the publisher's site:
Bible puzzles are a great way to pass time while learning scripture—and here’s a brand-new collection of crosswords sure to satisfy Spanish-speaking players. With clues drawn from the breadth and width of scripture, Bible Crosswords will challenge and expand your knowledge of the Good Book. Approximately 50 percent of the clues are drawn from the Bible, from four popular Spanish translations, and answers are provided. If you enjoy Bible puzzles (and who doesn’t?), you’ll love Bible Crosswords!